Applying A Layer Of Protection On Our Driveways And Parking Lots

Driveways and parking lots take a lot of punishment from vehicles, weather and general usage.  When driving through the city you will see a variety of different parking lots.  These lots will range from looking brand new to needing a lot of love and care.  For those looking to improve their parking lots and driveways to look brand new they may consider using parking lot seal coating lexington sc services to bring out the life in your parking lot.  For those looking to invest in this process here are some questions many customers may have.

How soon can I use my parking lot after sealer is applied?

When running a business any moment you are not able to take customers is a potential loss in revenue.  This is why the seal coat process has several options for you to consider.  The first is to do it on a Friday off peak hours or close to closing time.  This way it will have time to dry over the weekend.  If this is not a good option then in many cases the parking lot can be sectioned off.  The seal coat can be applied to one section of the parking lot allowed to dry and then applied to the second half.

seal coating lexington sc

Will sealcoat cover stains?

When applying this product it will cover the majority of stains and imperfections.  If the stairs are too pronounced the area can be cleaned, pressure washed or repaired before the product is applied.

What do we need to do to prepare?

Preparation is easy.  You will need to make sure that if your area is gated that there is access, unlock all gates.  Second, make sure that all sprinkler systems and water sources that could touch your surface are shut off.  If you have repairs done to the surface they must rest for twenty four hours before applying the seal coat.  Finally, the area will be blown and swept to ensure a clean prepped surface.